We are in Irpinia, province of Avellino, an area of ​​the Southern Apennines from the centuries-old agricultural tradition where three of the best Italian wines are recognized by the respective Docg Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo.

Irpinia is a unique territory from the winemaking point of view, for the volcanic and clayey soils, due to the presence of watercourses, to the hilly orography that alternates with the succession of mountains and which determine winds, rainfall and strong thermal excursions typical of the hinterland. Here for centuries the vineyards coexisted with olive groves, orchards, wooded areas; the interaction between vines-environment-man has always characterized this area culturally as testified by the texts of Pliny, Strabo and Columella. Irpinia is wine and “il vino è la poesia della terra” (M.Soldati).